Saturday 14 April 2012


Hello! And welcome to another week of my thirfy finds. I didn't go thrifting as much as I have the past few weeks, because Brad and I are starting to get really serious about buying a house, because renting sucks; and also, housing prices are rising (which is totally lame - as theres no reason they should be especially in THIS province - but whatever thats just my opinion. But Im totally not bitter about it...) so yeah - houses cost money, and itd be great to get in when its not insanely crazy expensive. So Id like some money to buy a house with, which means maybe I should cut down on the excessive spending. I mean I know its only thirfting and the stuffs super cheap anyway, but it really starts to add up people!

My living room looks like Value Village jr. and If I dont get it all listed on etsy (correction - EBAY. Im not going to use Etsy for the time being) soon, Im going to end up on the next episode of hoarders. Not good. Not to mention, I want my living room back, please and thanks.

So heres what I got this week:

How cute! Little sheep dog figurine! Hes marked with a Gift Craft sticker, made in Taiwan. Despite his cuteness, I'll be selling him (on Ebay, because Im not doing Etsy anymore! - more on this later).

How cool is this. well ok its not that cool, its just a mug with the Robin Hood flower logo, but its old and I like old. Its made in England, and the freaking people at value village had this marked for 1.99 sometimes I get so mad when they price things that are older, higher. UGHHH!

I think Brad likes this more than me. Ha. I really like the pictures, the inside is pink, with a little mirror and a ballerina who still dances to the tune "love story".

Love vintage aprons, this one looks handmade. Its the second in my collection.

How odd that last week I found the Girl Talk game, and this week I find six Girl Talk books? Hmmm..These are for sale too.

I really like these, they both have a bit of what looks to be water damage, but I couldn't resist them. Not to mention they were only .99 cents each.

Mmmmm vintage stationary. Need I say more?

What Im assuming is the first sesame street record? I always passed by it - because it doesn't look anything like something sesame street would put out. But its sesame street all right!

Rody is an original 1984. YES! Hes living in my living room in the corner, hes going to live with me for a long time. Im going to let my future children love him.

Unfortunatly no "chunky" little people came with this, but I do remeber this well from my own childhood. I never did have one, but I played with it on several occasions elsewhere. Im debating whether or not I should sell it, or try to get the people that match and hold on to it. My future children will have many vintage toys.

Ahh an oldie, but a goodie. The Chatter phone. 1984. WITH its original pull string.

A STACK of vintage sheets and blankets. The Looney Toons are 1980 (two pillow cases), and the raggedy ann is a pillow case too (that I found in the valence section?). Two vintage blankets (I grabbed the hockey one for Brad, I doubt it was ever used its in such good shape), and a few more pillow cases and flat sheets (including the one Im using as the backdrop).

Overall a pretty decent week, if I don't say so myself!


  1. I just started visiting a Value Village outside of the city, quite a ways, once in awhile & they price vintage stuff high.

    They had 3 metal globes earlier this week & I was psyched when I saw them on the shelf, nearly jumped down the aisle. Someone almost had to pick me off the floor, because I almost fell flat on my face when I saw them priced at $14.99, $16.99 & $19.99. The $19.99 is quite plentiful at this one antique market in much better condition at the same price.

  2. Your pictures look great.

  3. Great Finds. I remember buying one of those chatter phone for my oldest son when he was little.

  4. Those toys are fab...great finds!

  5. I love the Robin Hood mug!!!

  6. Wow lots of great goodies! That Robin Hood mug is great! I love vintage aprons and stationary too. And is that keys I see on that one? I have a thing for keys lately. The sesame record, you are right, dose not look sesame however it does remind me of it's a small world by Disney.

    Thanks so much for linking up at Cap Creations. And if you don't mind why are you not doing Etsy? I am just wondering as I am just now getting started over there with my vintage items.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the awesome comment! I did use etsy last year, and I hardly sold anything. I found that in order to gain business you had to be really involved with the site - blogs, treasury lists, comments, groups, all that and I already work 40+ hours a week, and I just don't want that kind of investment. My fiance Brad has sold things on Ebay - like hockey cards and panini stickers, and hes done pretty well. Hes the one that convinced me to try Ebay out instead. Not to mention on Ebay you get a much larger audience, and theres the bidding option. Etsys prices are fixed, which I know has detered me on several occasions from buying - especially vintage. I have another shop on etsy where Ive sold vintage knitting patterns (PDFs) and although I havnt made a lot of sales I dont mind using etsy for that sort of thing. So yeah thats my two cents. Oh and Etsy listings are time comsuming, all the detail involved, and they want you to have really nice pictures - again all that takes a lot of time. So Im thinkinh Ebays the best choice for me. :)

    2. Thanks so much for your thoughts on this! Also wanted to let you know I featured you over at the blog today.

  7. I had that Sesame Street record when I was little....I remember begging my Mom to put it on the player for me!

  8. I love the vintage sheets and blankets. I know what you mean about your living room. My dining room is piled with dishes, again! I live near Toronto, but Newfoundland is one of my favourite places! I am now following. Visit my blog if you get a chance! ;)

    1. Hello fellow ontarionian! (is that right? haha) I've given you a visit, and I followed you too! :)

  9. My little brother had that house. So fun to put stuff down the chimney and watch them shoot out the door! LOL!


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