Sunday, 15 April 2012

Snail Mail v.2

I have a tendency to buy online - a lot. Usually from Ebay (I do find that Etsy is mildly overpriced - not to mention the prices are set), and only if I think its a deal. Im usually drawn to buy it now or best offer auctions, but I will bid if the price is low enough. I also love getting mail. Which makes this a totally win win situation. Good deals on stuff I want (usually vintage/collectables) and snail mail! Woot woot!

Another package arrived this week, and on Friday too! Theres nothing better than Fridays and mail - especially when combined. If you havn't already figured it out - Im a little obsessed with vintage Sesame Street. I was a die hard fan as a kid, and still have very vivid memories of many of Sesame Streets classic clips and songs ex. We all sing with the same voice, Everybody eats, Everybody sleeps, Somebody come and play, Two little girls and a little doll house...I could go on, but I'll spare you. You can find all these clips on Youtube. If your anything like me, you can spend hours on youtube searching for and watching old tv clips from your childhood years.

Ok, I'll stop rambling, on to the goods!

A 1977 Sesame Street "Light and Learn" game. Although its not really a game, but more of a learning tool. I guess it could be considered a game if your like 3, but to me its just vintage goodness! And...

IT STILL WORKS! Woohoo! Like my demo? As if you wouldn't just believe me. The graphics are super cute, and so many of the classic characters are on it - like one of my favs Rosevelt Franklin!

I paid less than five dollars for this awesomeness, and Im oh so pleased.

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