Friday, 6 April 2012

Mmmmmm Thriftalicious

Another very successful week in thrifting! WOOHOO! Brad and I went so many times it all seems like a blur! I think weve gone about four or five times in two weeks - and theres been new stuff everytime - stuff that I want! Bonus!

So heres some of what I found, a lot of this is going to be put in my Etsy shop - hopefully this week.

Three very random items to put together, but I was trying to cut down on the photos...Anywho! So I found these three little vintage treasures yesterday. The giant mug thing was mixed in with the actual mugs. I thought it was cute so I grabbed it. Its going on Etsy. The Metal plate is made in Japan and its a kansas Souveniour - Brad googled it and apparently its an ashtray?! Weird lookin ashtray if you ask me. This as well as the Walt Disney World paperweight are also going on Etsy.

I found this NOT in the book section. It was in the crafting/linen section burried under a bunch of random stuff. See! Digging works! The illustrations are really cute, its dated 1965 it was priced at 2.99 - I have some beef with the Value Village we go to, if an item is brandname or old - the price is almost always high(er), luckily books were 30% off that day. This too is going on Etsy.

Now this was interesting. I found this among the five billion vases. Its an old (very old) Blood Purifier bottle. The image on the label is really cool. The bottom is stamped T.C.W. CO. U.S.A. 10. I couldn't find another one online, so I don't know its value or anything. Another Etsy item.

This was in one of those clear plastic bags that they bag like items in for one set price. The bag was ripped open and as tempted as I was to just take this little gem out to only buy it and NOT the other CRAP that it was with, but this Value Village wont sell items that arn't priced. Grrr. So I had to buy the whole bag. One of these is listed on ebay for 30 bucks...I think thats a little steep. Mines going on Etsy - and not for 30, not even close.

 Found these two pyrex dishes. The top one is made in England. I know very little about Pyrex - Im looking to sell both of these, but I couldn't find either of these exact pieces online. If anyone knows anything please let me know! :) (Or if anyone wants to buy them..hey thats cool too! Make me an offer!)

LOVE THIS. It has minor wear so its been used, but it has the BOX! AGHHHH so nice. Its made in Japan. Destined for Etsy as well!

I just want to thank the 30 something girl who decided she didn't want these jems from her childhood. Now my childhood self has them after having wanted them, but was too young to get them because she was five when they came out, and these are clearly not for five year olds. One of the Girl Talk dares is "put an icecube down your shirt and let it melt". I raised my eyebrows at that.

MORE PYREX. Again made in England. Again if anyone knows anything - please tell me!

Ahhh 80's plush. Mmmmm love it. The owl has all its original tags. 1989 Ganz (Etsy bound). Odie is 1983 - so soft, practically brand new - made by Dakin (Etsy bound).

These two look like they'd be very unlikely friends. The Dog is a bank (and it still has its rubber stopper!) It has a sticker on its paw that says giftcraft. It also has a flower pattern carved in its ears, seems kinda retro. The little partridge has a Made in Japan sticker on the bottom. Brad found one on Ebay listed at $95.00. WHAT?! These will both be on Etsy. The bird will NOT be listed for 95, maybe 90. Haha joking.

Vintage pillowcases and Mickey Mouse sheets for my ever growing fabric stash.

Vintage fabric. I think. Whatever it is, I LOVE IT.

When I saw this I did a little jig in my head. Its a 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Box with Recipes (duh) I dont know if theyre (the recipes) all there - according to an Ebay listing I found there sappoused to be over 600. It doesn't seem to fetch to much online, so I might just keep it. Some of the recipe categories are "Mens Favourites" "Budget Casseroles" and "Recipes for Calorie Counters". Haha.

I love knitting, and I love vintage knitting patterns, especially  children, baby and toy patterns. There was a while where I was finding tons of vintage pattern booklets, but these two are the first Ive found in a while. So precious. Funny thing is I've never knit anything from these patterns. One day I will.

I didn't even know Pyrex made mugs until I saw a post about them over on Jill's blog. Now that I have these though they are bringing back memories of my grandparents cottage. Im sure they had a bunch of these style of mugs there.

This is not vintage, but it was a steal for .69 cents. I got it for Brads neice who is obsessed with everything American Girl.

This is just too cute. Its going up on Etsy for anyone whose interested. :)

LOOOONG post. Hope you enjoyed all my vintage goodness!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS Im sorry if its full of typos, Ive been working on this for what feels like forever and Im to tired to edit it. :)

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  1. What a bounty!! Love this post!

    The brown Pyrex is Woodland. Check out for all things Pyrex

  2. Wow lots of great goodies! Love the pyrex mugs. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations.

  3. You have found some great vintage thrifty finds! Thank you for sharing at TTF and Happy Easter!

  4. That fabric is HOT. I hate when I find a bag that has something great in it at Value Village & find that it has been ripped open... it makes me wonder, what am I missing. What item was so great that someone had to rip open & steal? I usually buy it for that one item & donate the other crap back. It's a vicious cycle, I reckon.

  5. Great finds! I remember girl talk, my older cousin had the books and my other cousin and I used to sneak into her room to read them!

    1. How funny you should mention those books! I just found 6 today at the Salvation Army! I honestly didn't even know they existed. I only thought there was a game. Haha!

  6. i would love to purchase the woodland bowl off you!!!!

    1. Sure! Send me an e-mail and we'll work something out! hollyannfloyd(at)


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