Monday, 2 April 2012

Good Morning Sunshine!

Monday, monday, monday...*sigh*

Aww Mondays arn't really that bad, I don't mind going back to work, this week especially because as of Good Friday I'm off for one whole week. What in the world am I going to do?! The thought triggers excitment.

This Monday is kinda more special for two reasons: 1. Its the day after April Fools Day, and I kinda HATE April Fools Day. Not so much as I used to, but I'm always a bit on edge, I don't like being pranked or anything like that so on this day my guard is up. That doesn't mean though that someone won't slip one past me - BRAD. About 45 minutes after he left for work yesterday I get a text, now my initial thought was that it would be a friend of mine from Toronto texting me back - so lets just say my guard was down. Anywho, so the text said "The tire fell off my car", now you might be thinking - "Come on! How could you fall for that?" well, you dont know Brad's car. It can be a little dramatic. So ya he had me, hook line and sinker. After I texted back with a floored "What?!", I get this: "April Fools". Im such a sucker. I wasn't mad, it was funny, but I'm no April Fools convert.

2. Today the sun woke up before I did. Newfoundland is on its own timezone. We are a minimum of 30 minutes ahead all of eastern North America. We are the first to start our days and the first to end them. I usually get up during the weekdays at 6am. I like to have a slow liesurly morning, eat breakfast, browse the web, make my lunch to take to work, get dressed and go. Today when I woke up, somthing was differnt, mainly I wasn't totally blinded by darkness when I opened my eyes. I grabbed the laptop and headed to the kitchen - all the while not having to turn on any lights so I could see. I put the computer down and headed to the kitchen light to turn it on - and low and behold wasn't blinded when I turned it on. Thats when I realized - THE SUN WAS STARTING TO RISE - AT 6 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING! WOOOHOOOOO! I havn't seen the sun this early since like early October.

This is progress people.

Happy Monday to you!

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