Tuesday, 1 May 2012



Actually I never went anywhere, seriously, I was here, where I always am ALL week long, and then some. I don't know what happened, I just stopped blogging, which sucks, cause man I was on a roll there!

Life got in the way, you know, like that time last week that I got dish soap in my eye (way worse then it sounds) and had to go to  the emergency room (don't worry, I'm OK now), I work EVERY single day (no joke), and I was dreaming about my future, and wanting time to SPEED THE FRIG UP (I know I'm totally gonna regret having wanted that one day), and applying to college (early childhood education) and of course, wait for it, THRIFTING!

Yes I went thriftng last week, and honestly its a blur. I need to run around and gather all my goodies (and at the same time try to remember what it is I bought...) so I can show you here, on this blog that I will NEVER abandon for so long again. Wait, I'm going to retract that statement, cause I'm sure one day this little puppy will have to take a back seat again when my life gets fluffy and full again!

So here we go!

 I found this 1973(!) Fisher Price Movie Viewer in the glass  case on my way to the check out. It was in a clear plastic bag, and mushed in with other things, but I recognised it right away. It was priced at 7.99, a little steep if you ask me, but I'm a big Fisher Price fan/collector so I had to get it. Oh yeah, and its in perfect working order, not to mention its soooo cool.

There's a thrift store in town here, that we rarely go to. Its a bit out of the way, and its never had much that interested us. So last week I just thought to myself, hey lets drop in and check it out, you never know... And look who I found! Isn't he cute? (I know its pink, and I found one on Ebay for 10 bucks! and it came with the name Cindy, the one I have, its tags are cut off) but I really feel that hes more masculine a character.

These were also found at the thrift store we never go to. A Tetley Tea mug (made in England) and a "Human Bean" Mug. 1981 Enoco brand? (I Think) 

Both of these are vintage shape sorters. When I was young I had the red and blue one of the right. Its made by Tupperware. Its missing only one shape. The one on the left is by Playskool, its missing two of its original shapes, but there are three extra Fisher Price brand shapes mixed in that make up for the ones that are lacking.

I've collected Wade figures for a long time now. Especially the ones found in Red Rose Tea boxes. This guy is larger, and wasn't distributed in the tea. He was at Value Village (in that darn glass case) for 1.99. No chips or cracks or anything.

Another little treasure from the thrift store we never go to (although we just might start frequenting that one now too).

This (although you cant tell in the picture) is a planter. It looks just like Dumbo, although there are no Disney markings. Its stamped Japan.

Another cutie stamped Japan. There were two identical ones, but this one was in better shape. We didn't need two, and for 1.99, we didn't feel like buying both. Not to mention, why would I want two of the exact same thing?

No use for these yet, Id like to put them on the counter and have them hold tea and sugar, but we already have a cute little sugar bowl...so they will live in a cupboard for now.

Salvation Army has been treating me well as of late. This cute tea set looks to be of great quality. Its made in Denmark. It looks like it was barely used.

I love books. I just wish I had more downtime to read em! Three books, I've started the middle one. Its quite good. The top one Ive wanted for a while now - but just never wanted to pay retail for, and I remember the last one being popular last year, or the year before. Anyway cant wait to read em all.

More Salvation Army goodness. Three children's blankets. The one in the top left is made by Esmond, and is practically brand new. I love the funky jungle animals. The one in the centre is a handmade quilt, there's a Rupert fabric panel on the front and random baby themed fabric on the back. I was never a Rupert fan as a kid, I remember thinking it was boring, and Id only watch it if nothing else was on. I do think hes rather cute though, and I'm drawn to him now as an adult. The blanket on the top right is also a quilt, but Id say its for sure factory made. It has a really cute bunny theme.

More linens. And I don't even have a linen closet! Agh! Seriously, this house is bursting! Precious Moments flat sheet and pillow case, what looks to be a Holly Hobbie pillow case, but its unmarked; and two random vintage pillow cases that I thought were pretty.

Vintage children's book overload! Care bears, Rainbow Brite, Victoria Plum, A golden super shape book (love these), Two sesame street golden books, and two Walt Disney book and record books (with records - that look to be in great shape! Bonus!).

A Richard Scarry book (filled with different stories), a "sunshine story book" three Alf books - that originally came with tapes (long gone I'm assuming), a nice copy of the little engine that could (my brother had a serious obsession with trains, and this book when he was small, so I have sentimental feelings for it). A lovely Lady Locks LGB, as well as a tiny LGB, and two Keypers books (anyone remember Keypers?)

This lovely piece of amazingness was 10 dollars at Salvation Army. Its old. Very old, and I LOVE IT. Its tail is made of real hair (horse hair I'm assuming, its very thick and coarse). It has some crayon marks, and could stand to be cleaned up a bit, but its just so amazing. Its heavy and study and man, toys just aren't made the way they used to be.

PS Little Ollie wouldn't get out of the way quick enough!

Hope you enjoyed my thirfty finds!

How was your latest thirfting adventure?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'll update the Sesame Street list!

    You found some great things!

  2. Ooooh books! Great finds!

  3. that rocking horse is absolutely amazing!

  4. omg i HAD a rocking horse just like that but in yellow when i was little! If i came across one in a thrift store I would seriously pass out. LOVE IT!

  5. That tea set is amazing! I've been looking for a gender neutral set for my son, but they're so rare!


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