Friday, 4 May 2012

I can't think of a catchy "thrift" phrase...

More thirfting was done this week, but Im going to have to slow it way down, and set a weekly spending limit. Brad and I are scrimping and saving for a house to call our own, so we'll be on a budget. Not to mention, my house is bursting! Its so full, and theres no storage, probably because this house is close to a hundred years old, possibly older.

I have sooo much stuff to list online, and the more I bring home, the more work Im creating for myself, so thirting will have to be reined in (slightly)

So this week I got:

An Illco brand sesame street toy. You roll it across the floor, but big bird stays upright. Magic. 

Three books illustrated by Eloise Wilken - these are going to Jill of "A little bit of everything"

Some vintage sewing patterns. Loving the pillow pets one. The other one came in the same bag, so I was forced to buy it. Its from 1980. The Pillow pets one is from 1970/71?

Sesame Street books! And others.

This awesome cookie jar. The same one is listed on Ebay for up to 65 dollars. I paid 2.99! Im not sure what I'll do with it. I have a few cookie jars, all vintage. I really like them. Im thinking of displaying them on a shelf in my kitchen.

This was one of those items, where when I found it, the world stopped. I have wanted this record for a while. I love Rosevelt Franklin. The record looks to be in great shape, which is a nice bonus.

This is a tiny Pyrex. Im LOVING the tiny Pyrex bowls lately. I really like the design too!

The lovely (at least in my opinion) quilt that all these items are displayed on was thifted too. I got it for 7.99. Its quite worn in some areas, but to me that gives it charm. The Cats love it. I love it. Brad likes it. Haha Win!

How was your week? Thrifty?

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  1. Thanks a lot, Holly - you're a good Eloise spotter!!!

    Love the cookie jar, I know what you mean about the small bowls, they're handy for a lot of things!

  2. LOOOOVE that quilt! You found some nice things!

  3. I have a very similar cookie jar! They're just so cute, aren't they? Nice finds - well done!!

  4. I love that cookie jar! You did well!
    Erica :)

  5. I love that cookie jar, and what a steal! I was watching an older episode of Mad Men the other night and I'm pretty sure that cookie jar was in the background in a kitchen. I even pointed it out to DH, who was not as impressed with my eagle eyes as I was. ;) LOL

  6. Awesome cookie jar for sure! Thanks for sharing your goodies at Cap Creations.


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