Thursday, 29 March 2012

Yarn Along - The Beginning of A Habit

Today I'm linking up with Ginny from Small Things (a most captivating blog  btw) to participate in her weekly Yarn Along, hopefully the first of many for me. I love to knit, its somthing that I would say I spend 80% of my down time doing, especially on evenings and weekends; although as of late my evenings have been spent trying desperatly to beat Brad in the game "Wacky Blasters", a vintage 1990 (I can't believe the 90's are becoming "vintage"!) board game that involves a plastic mountain, mini pom poms and hollow rubber "Blasters" that are used to blow said pom poms up the mountain. It is much harder than it sounds. The game is recomended for ages 6 and up - had I played this game as a child I likely would have ended up in tears very early on - one of the rules is that if your pom pom blows off the game board (aka mountain) you have to start over. This happens far more often than you'd like to think. Needless to say this game is hilarious - likely the best 2.99 Ive spent in a long time at the thrift store, some games can take us upwards of 30 minutes to play - ONE GAME!

So anyways! Back to what this post is sappoused to be about, knitting and reading! Well currently I have a bunch of knitted stuff on the go, some of it has been sitting there since this past summer - ugh, but the thing thats prsently holding my attention is an adorable little knitted bunny, that I shall be knitting two of and will be givin as easter gifts. The pattern is Genevie the Snow Bunny by Rachel Borello Carroll who runs Yarnigans. Her patterns can be downloaded from her etsy shop and ravely. Im really glad I learned to knit in the round because Id been admiring her creative cuteness for some time, and now I get to finally create it! Im knitting the bunny in Red Heart Eco Ways yarn, colour: mushroom. This little bunny is still missing its legs, which I will hopefully get done this week so I can start in the second bunny.

Im currently reading Little Heathens by: Mildred Armstrong Kalish, which Ive been working on for a couple weeks now, although it seems like much longer. I tend to read for pleasure at night in bed, but most nights Im so tired, and I go to bed relativly early so Im not dog tired at work the next day (I am a nanny to four children - your day goes much better when your not sleep deprived - as Im sure mothers could atest to). So yeah, I dont prioritize my reading, but I really do love books and reading, this book is quite the interesting read, I heard of it through Ginny from Small Things, and after reading a description online bought it used on amazon for some insaely low price of like 3 cents. I never really understood why used book sellers sometimes sell books so cheap.

Yay! My first ever Yarn Along!

PS sorry in advance for the crappy photos, I took then this morning at about 6:10am - so I had NO natural light to help me out.

PPS the second picture is wacky blasters - best game ever

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