Saturday, 31 March 2012

Waking to a Winter Wonderland

Happy Saturday!

I love the weekend, as I’m sure many people do, except there’s one little problem with goes by too FAST! Every weekend is the exact same, I get all pumped up and excited to tackle my to-do list (mental or physical) and 9 times out of 10 I rarely accomplish its entirety. Then Sunday evenings rolls around and I think back to the last 2 days and wonder "where did the time go? I hardly seemed to have done anything" (which isn’t really true, I usually do a lot on the weekends, both necessary - like grocery shopping, and running errands - and pleasurable - thrift shopping, crafting, internet exploring, sometimes even socializing. But it’s my to-do list that gets neglected, those things listed like "clean out and organize pantry" or "clean out and organize the bathroom cupboard" (not so shockingly both of those things are on my list for THIS weekend, they have yet to be crossed off). Those things are the ones I always find little excuses for not doing, even though I know that once I do them I'll feel better, and Brad will stop getting angry when things fall out of the pantry on him when he opens the door, yeah it’s THAT bad - oddly the muffin cups, salt, and toothpicks seem to be repeat offenders.

Also baking is always on my to-do lists, and I love baking, but the fact that baking is usually kind of messy and can be slightly time consuming, always makes me feel like not going through with it, and sometimes that ends up happening, but usually the fact that I like taking home baked goods with me to work instead of processed food usually makes me stop being lazy enough to just go through with it. The goal is to make gingerbread cake and chocolate chip muffins by Sunday night.

So yeah, I love the weekend, I just have some time-management/procrastination issues I clearly need to work out.

The change in season (at least as stated by the calendar) has helped keep me motivated in life - ex. starting this blog, thrifting like crazy, re-opening my etsy shop (soon!) - the fact that spring is out there lurking somewhere has lifted the dreariness that can cloak ones spirit in wintertime. Unfortunately Newfoundland hasn't gotten too much of spring yet, and by that I mean pretty much not at all so far, unlike the rest of Canada - whose unseasonably high temperatures have had me yearning for home, if only to feel warmth that doesn’t radiate from an artificial source.

So it shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise to me that this morning I woke up to this:

Yeah, snow. A lot of snow. The plows were out and everything. So I did what anyone would do who woke up to snow covering the ground on the last day of March, one week before Easter,

I went back to  bed.

PS its now 4:30 pm, that photo was taken around 11:30 am, its still snowing.

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